In addition to representational realism oil painting, should also be against the exclusion of other forms of style preference. Representational realism portrait oil painting as an art school and art style itself there is a limitation of the potential challenges and crises and face, so must the disadvantages, advantage, form an open architecture and open forms. Should not be its own inherent characteristics of the limitations and constraints, while boldly absorbing and learning from abstract paintings and modern art and various other advantages and strengths of the art schools, so as to enrich their language style, expanding its living space. To today's increasingly diverse and comprehensive arts development, various art types and the limits of genre has become very fuzzy, any genre and art in isolation from the other and closed development is neither possible nor meaningful. In my view, multi-angled and omnidirectional to absorb, consolidate the positive factors of various aspects of art discourse, promoting the continued proliferation of Chinese language representational realism oil painting, creating a more open, broad, integrated representational realism oil painting work platform, is our task and necessary choice. Only in this way can meet the constantly improving the aesthetic needs of the people. But in a creative, colorful art in the garden, representational realism oil painting is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful. Because it is in our country than other styles of art in the form of wider development space.

Is select "China with as realism oil painting" this topics to wrote, is because has been yilai I of inside deep tendencies with as realism art, I does not exclusion or refused enjoy other form of art, but I of nature decided has I like it, also I also like realism art, on reality problem of concern and from material start of thinking way, makes I of aesthetic fun in diverse of while, deep pancake Shang real of mark.
Representational realism oil painting in China is facing many challenges, also has many opportunities for development, in the face of art the present situation and trend of cultural globalization of diversity, we cannot be complacent and defending of College do not, dare not go one step beyond the limit, nor loss of cultural self-confidence, par to the ocean. An art style is based on the appropriate on the basis of the national cultural heritage and the history of art. Representational realism oil painting was centuries artists create the crystallization of wisdom, is the important achievements of human civilization. Once the concrete realistic oil paintings rooted in the fertile soil of 5,000 years of civilization is built in China, GM will have more living space. Representational realism china oil painting reproductions  in a global context while also facing challenges and impact, but also has many opportunities for development, looking to the future, we have every reason to believe that representational realism oil painting, China is bound to have a brilliant future!