Judging from the works of Titian and others. As early as the Renaissance, painters have laws of indoor light color, had a considerable scientific understanding, grasp of the overall tone of painting, and awareness of the role and effects of the cold and warm colour contrast and application has matured. In Vienna, the one save the good works of Titian portrait of the blond woman extremely fresh beautiful color, it may just finished painting. Another site is Italy Florence School of painters Ivan Rosado (1486-1530) of the works of the descent from the cross of Christ, its color changes in comparison-rather like a modern work, is not unexpected. As far as portrait oil painting artist Rembrandt, Vermeer, and SI, Rubens, fan•daike, Lars precious support masters, such as most of the work, its colors all give the sense of beauty to enjoy. Rembrandt with some Brown adjusting works, but is by no means on the print presented by the kind of "soy sauce", but rich and delicate Golden brilliant. In the classical painting, there are many masterpieces of painting is the color. Visible, Impressionist of color development, not by chance, in fact, is the law in ancient masters indoor light color on the basis of cognitive, with scientific progress and development to study and application of light.
In addition, the saw at the Museum, with the exception of Netherlands outside the small painting surface is smooth, most of the surface of the master's works were not very light, but a canvas texture are rendered and visible brush strokes, and intends to make "texture". Painting with thick fine, fine to very fine, rough bold and smooth, like a fine brushwork and Freehand-phase combination of Chinese painting. Works with the strict realism, you learn to master's style is very different. More delicate styles of depicting treated unevenly, its careful application of rich dark levels. Composition and application of the golden rule, primary and secondary relationship in an orderly fashion. This is where differences between master and second-rate painters.
Netherlands small painting works of smooth surface, displayed out they of skills Kung Fu, works fine and does not greasy, still full has art meaning, its color and modeling, composition of operating, content of performance and figures of characterizations, are is good-looking, in very fine in the still can glimpse of its with pen and refined choice, so must no watch photos of sense, and has is strong of painting sexual, beautiful and vivid, more Needless to say other masters of boutique has.
Masters works perfect and immortal, in addition to due to their knowledge and accomplishment,, to a large extent also with professional techniques of materials research and skilled excellent use of inseparable. Some so-called "classical" works (also include your own picture), by contrast too like photographs, although the surface is very fine, but lacks inherent skills and knowledge, lack of elegant beauty, lack of colorful beauty, beauty of lack of skills, lack of painting. The reason, we mainly learn art mostly from the school of printed matter, famous original work too little, insufficient skill knowledge of materials research, sketches of Kung Fu home, painting, without photos. So old master reproductions are welcome by more and more people.Of course, the most important thing is the original see less. Our excellent collection of Western paintings is minimal, how many years to see a Western oil painting exhibition, please. whereas in the West, almost some of the smaller cities have Museum and a considerable collection of art