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What is a complete paint method?

Disposable paint method calls on artists from the outset to take into account the work of the final results, and seeks to use the completed china oil painting reproductions  directly in a short time. Painters needed good sketch moulding and sensitive, accurate color.

Use one-time best for drawing simple tiling skills. Starting from the local, fresh, pure and blending colors on screen rendering, to first draw a line drawing version before coloring, coloring does not paint too thick is too thick. Wait until after your intentions clear, with an emphasis on striking the decisive part of, effectively in the shape on the background image and color relationships and decent relationship, with little or no color matching in color liquid, it is best to use extrusion directly from the paint tube paints, color coating or on the screen. Small works can be completed while wet, substantial works can be completed with local law, linking oil and other materials dealing with convergence. Artist Al Gore is one of drawing. Shop order, from left to right, gradually extended to the whole screen, color saturation, color contrast uncertain. Local modification and retouching by second and third times paint only

A tile over not only the color for drawing. Instant full screen the final effect (color and shape) can be referred to as a descriptive, even in dry color on the layer covering the new color layer shows the final effect is a one-off for drawing. If disposable drawing made on a grey background, can not only shorten the time painting, and produces a harmonious effect. In non-painting painting on a white background is not too thin, because of drying process in the background will "eat" part colors, color lightness, saturation, reduce.

One-time best suited for outdoor painting for drawing. Interior painting or writing using a disposable paint method, will have to wait for drying and partial characterization and adjusted again.

Classical portrait oil painting skills with a finished painting method and artistic achievement, has reached the historical peak. Lasikaizi is a drawing of a typical representative. First of all fill the screen with a thin and ochre color, initial frame main structure and values. After the background layer to dry, then cover each step are completed using a descriptive, while wet. Also known as a long time to complete this drawing technique.

Modern painters a complete descriptive of a long time, at first do not necessarily use a neutral color such as ochre, cooked Brown, but only use a limited to three colors. Not eager to shop a lot of strong color, but as a big picture "watercolor" sketch to consider targets a sense of form and position, to determine the composition. Zhihou, detail and texture painting through the use of rich, opaque color gradually. Preliminary stage toning liquid used turpentine, preferably during the coloring process "three in one" toning oils. It can make the paint more thickening, also improved its quality.

A complete descriptive generally use a white background, especially a complete landscape painting drawing for a long time, do not use colored background, because dilution of color on a white background is more able to obtain satisfactory results. As most of the color blending is carried out directly on the screen (direct drawing), hair brushes, especially round hair brush more suitable for this than soft hair brush painting.

Draw a large picture of work, to adopt a complete painting method, to keep the picture of moist, use slower drying agents such as clove oil if necessary. Try to avoid using faster-dryi


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